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Annam is currently supporting 88 children in the paediatric OPD every week

Wadia Hospital

EAR principal shares importance of nutritious food for the hearing impaired

St Jude Annam provides nutritious supplements to cancer kids at St Jude

Tata Memorial Hospital Annam provides lassi to the cancer children at Tata Memorial Hospital, which improves their good health

Shree Raj Educational Centre - Annam provides bananas to 1104 children covered under educational programme thrice a week.

Annam provides eggs and bananas to pregnant women & kids at Palghar

Bal Jeevan-Trust

Annam Charitable Trust

Dear Trustees,

We at Bal Jeevan Trust are very grateful for your generous donation for daily supply of banana and eggs twice a week. When Bal Jeevan started working with rag picking children 20 years ago all the children were not only malnourished their hair were also copper coloured. At first even before education the Trust concentrated on giving nutritious meal, the improvement was very apparent within a short span of time.

Breakfast consisted of banana and egg as banana has a lot of vitamins while eggs are protein. Your contribution towards both bananas and eggs have helped Bal Jeevan and the children. We cannot stress enough the positive impact this donation has had on the well being of the children. With our sincere thanks and looking forward to your continued support.


Gulie Engineer

bal jeevan trust
B J Wadia hospital

I as a dietician find the programme of egg and banana distribution in opd as a very supportive meal to patient's nutritional needs. We advise patients to have midmeal so that it contributes to frequent feed and egg n fruit is always a good choice. Egg gives kids first class protein which adds to their protein content and banana serves as a source of energy along with fiber and food for good gut bacteria. Since the time this initiative has been started, we have been receiving a good response everyday.

When asked to patient's parents that how they feel about the initiative, many of them smiled and said that now they don't need to worry about the small snack they are supposed to carry with themselves when they visit the doctor. Everyone makes sure that their kids get benefit out of it and become healthier. Such happy feelings can be noticed easily from these smiling faces.

Warm regards,

Urvi Jhaveri

B J Wadia hospital

Dear Jasma,

We are indeed very grateful to you and your group for the nutrition project which you have so generously initiated at the EAR Society.

The bananas are a great source of energy and give the children a wonderful start to each morning.

PFA an official letter from the EAR and some photographs.

Renewed thanks for your support.

Warm regards,


League of Mercy

Dear Members,

We the children of the league of mercy are very thankful to you for your concern for our health and to grow physically in a proper manner. you have decided to provide more nutritious and protein food and you have started providing us eggs in a week 3 times. it is really working nicely and all the children are enjoying and happily eating boiled eggs in the morning. we have noticed that almost all the children have put on weight this month. its definitely milk, eggs and the fruits that has added in the breakfast and so the result is good.

I'm personally very happy and grateful to you all for taking care of our children to this generous donation. i hope in the future also you will continue your help and support.

Thank you so much.

Mrs. M. Bardey

League of Mercy
St. Joseph's Home and Nursery

Dear Mrs. V. Khetwani,

We are happy to collaborate with 'Annam' which is interested in reaching out to weaker and neglected children and women.

The eggs and Shakti Bite bar which are provided twice a week add to the nourishment and well being of the children and inmates of St. Joseph's Home and Nursery.

We wish 'Annam' all the best in their innovative enterprise to serve humanity.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Sr. Yvonne Rodrigues f.c.

St. Joseph's Home and Nursery
Oscar Foundation

Hello Swati Ji,

Children says " they always feel so hungry after when they reach home from football practice but as their family starts cooking after 6pm and they have to wait so long with empty stomach so the nutrition filling their empty stomach as and when they needed most."

"It was always told by many of them that we all should have good food rather than having junk food but we couldn't afford and now it's good to have banana,chikki & egg and we feel so happy"

"Having proper nutrition is one of the important elements of sports domain so thankful and great initiative has been taken by ANNAM"

The best part of the service is that the nutrition are provided on ground and are being observation whether the children are eating or not.

Thank you

St. Joseph's Home and Nursery

Annam aspires to help underprivileged children and women in and around Mumbai city by providing nutrition supplements so that they can have a healthy chance of life.


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