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Remand Homes

State sponsored remand homes and rehabilitation centres receive insufficient funds to fulfill the nutrition needs of growing up children. Annam intends to provide enough nutrition to the inmates in their pre-adolescent and adolescent development years.

  • St. Joseph is a home for single mothers, abused girls and mentally challenged women. Annam supports 90 girls and women every week with nutrition packs.

  • David Sassoon Industrial Home is a child correction centre for 163 adolescent boys in conflict with the law. They are educated and trained in vocational skills to make them self-reliant. Annam provides these children the much needed nutrition packs for sound mental and physical development.


Orphanages run on insufficient funds provided by sponsors and state bodies. The funds fall short for providing complete nutrition for the children’s overall growth. Annam provides nutrition packs to the orphanages under their care.

  • League of Mercy League of Mercy is a girl’s home that houses 25 girls in the age group of 7 to 17 years. Annam provides nutrition packs to these children and adolescents, who have shown visible results in their overall scholastic performance, energy levels, and growth. Annam believes in nipping the malnutrition cycle at the bud and feels obliged to do their bit for society.

  • NOH Children Aids Society is a group of 7 homes established in 1927. Children are brought here by the police and NGOs for their care, protection, treatment, development, and rehabilitation. It is also governed by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), for children who are missing, child labourers, child-beggars, orphans, etc. Annam provides Shakti Bites to 180 children in this institution.

Differently abled

Centres for differently-abled children are dedicated to the noble activity of helping these youngsters cope with their disability and learn some vocation, which can make them self-sufficient in future. The centres usually run on the funds that are generated by these youngsters through their vocation, such as hand bag making, candle making, basket weaving, etc. However, these funds are not sufficient to sustain the mental and physical growth of these youngsters. Annam takes upon itself to provide healthy nutrition packs to these youngsters that help in their overall development.

  • ADAPT Centres at BKC and Colaba The ADAPT institute, which stands for ‘Abled Disabled All People Together’, educates differently-abled children. They also provide therapy, counselling, and job placements to these children. Annam supports 225 children on a weekly basis through the nutritional care, which is missing in their diet.

  • Bal Jeevan Bal Jeevan is a day care centre, which imparts education to 102 underprivileged children and engages them in character building activities. Annam supports the nutrition programme of these children, by providing nutrition packs.

  • Apun Ka Club The organization teaches dance, art, singing and judo to 45 children from Asha Nagar slum in Mumbai. Annam provides nutrition packs to these children to help them overcome malnourishment.


Annam aspires to help underprivileged children and women in and around Mumbai city by providing nutrition supplements so that they can have a healthy chance of life.


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